TerraClamp MagicMount Pro Large

TerraClamp MagicMount Pro Large

• 360 Degree Adjustable Turn and Rotate• Fits Square or Round Tubes• Small fits .75" to 1.25"• Large fits 1.25" to 2"• Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware• High Power Neodymium Magnets Ensure Secure Device Mounting• Durable elastic grips provide extra device...

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• 360 Degree Adjustable Turn and Rotate
• Fits Square or Round Tubes
• Small fits .75" to 1.25"
• Large fits 1.25" to 2"
• Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware
• High Power Neodymium Magnets Ensure Secure Device Mounting
• Durable elastic grips provide extra device mounting protection
• Includes Large and Small Non-Magnetic Metal MagicPlate

Adjustable Mount with Lock NutRubber GripPrevents ScratchingStainless SteelMounting Hardware

MagicMount Magnets

100% Safe, Powerful Rare Earth Magnets

These powerful earth magnets hold your device securely in place even on the bumpiest roads and are 100% safe for Smartphones, Tablets, GPS and other mobile devices*.

*Does not work with iPod Classic or other hard drive devices. The strong magnetic fields produced by these Neodymium magnets is enough to damage hard drive devices.

Extra Sense of Security Included

Elastic band firmly secures your phone even on rough terrain.

Elastic bands help secure your phone

MAGICPLATE™ Placement Options

MAGICPLATE™, non-magnetic, adhesive-backed, metal plates, are an integral component of the MagicMount™ Magnetic Mount System for mobile devices. Just apply the MagicPlate as shown to the right and you are ready to use any one of the many MagicMount products available in this growing family of magnetic mounts. MagicPlates come in a variety of sizes and shapes depending upon which MagicMount you buy and replacement kits are also available.

There are several ways to utilize/apply the MagicPlate with your mobile device.

  • Directly to the back of the case
  • Directly to the mobile device
  • Between the device and case (should you be using one) - either with or with out using the adhesive
Scosche MagicMount MagicPlate placement options